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Automatic Hot Laminator with Trimmer 1600XB

Model No.︰1600XB
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Automatic hot laminator with trimmer 1600XB

1600XB is automatic hot laminator with trimmer, can be used as cold laminating, warm laminating and hot laminating.

1)  Can using as low temprature laminating/Cold laminating ,also hot laminating
2) Change Manual laminating and Auto laminating easily.
3)  Infrared ray control temprature,no hurt to roller,Much precise control tempreture
4) Special method of putting film under roller from the back, easy operating.
5) Foot switch/ auto / manual laminating,  these 3 methods laminating.
6) High rate of finished laminating products, whole roll of film 50M not tilted laminating.
7) Film and paper tightness-degree system, make film good tension, much down wrinkle of laminating.
8) Passive pressure system, can adjust pressure according different materials, thorough solve the  wrinkle of thin materials!
9)  Silica roller,high temprature resistance;good elastic; long life using.

Model:  1600XB
Nominal Voltage:  AC 110V/220V
Power:  60W
Heating Power: 1500W
Frequency Response:  50HZ-60HZ
Operating Temprature:  0°C-130 °C
Scope of Suitable film thickness:  10-250μm
Warm-up time:  0-20 minutes
Max Laminating Width:  1580mm
Max laminating speed: 0-10m/min
Max laminating thickness : 40mm
The rise height of roller:  40mm
Pressure adjustment method:  Manual
Foot-switch:  Available
Diameter of roller:  130mm

Payment Terms︰TT/Western Union
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